The Number 1 Choice For Baitboats


The Navigator baitboat is a vastly superior boat compared to its competitors in terms
of build quality, durability, reliability and dependability. Even when the Navigator is
completely submerged it will pop back up to the surface and carry on as if
nothing happened.





The Navigator is a tri-hull construction, made from 4 mm impact resistant Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS for short) material. This means it can be used in weather conditions that most baitboat owners wouldn’t even consider sending out their boat. It has a single propeller that is protected by a stainless steel guard which allows the Navigator to travel through areas of weed, scum etc. and with no external aerials the boat is able to travel under overhanging branches and bushes without becoming snagged up. The LED lights on the front and rear as well as the spotlight can be switched on from the remote control handset. A large stainless steel rudder gives the Navigator a very tight turning circle and the boat has a high performance engine with very powerful servos, all powered by a 12 volt 9 ah battery giving up to 3.5 hours running time. On the rear of the boat is a 3 colour, 4 light battery state indicator showing green, amber and 2 red lights, when 2 red lights are showing it is nearly time to charge or replace the battery when you are down to 1 red light. The remote control is made by Graupner one of the most reliable handsets available giving the Navigator a range of up to 1000 metres. The 2 bait hopper compartments holds up to 1.5 kilos of bait each and can be released individually so a larger area can be baited if required. 



The Navigator Baitboat prices start from £835.00 including a Graupner Remote Control Hand Set, a 12volt 9ah Gel Battery, and Battery Charger.









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